Meet The Team

Welcome to our vibrant community at St. Paul's Rusthall. Our dedicated team is composed of passionate individuals who are committed to serving our congregation and community.


Our Vicar

Reverend Ronnie Williams

01892 521357

Our Churchwardens 

(lay volunteers who assist with the management and administration of the church, helping to ensure its smooth operation and supporting the clergy in their pastoral duties)

Roderick Garcia-Fermer

May Graves


Our Deputy Churchwardens

Chris Dobson

Graeme Anderson


Our Reader

(a trained layperson authorized to read scripture and lead non-sacramental worship services, contributing to the spiritual life of the congregation)

Daphne Pilcher

Our Verger

(a ceremonial officer responsible for assisting with various aspects of worship services, including maintaining the church's physical environment, organizing processions, and ensuring the smooth flow of ceremonial events)

Graeme Anderson

Our Treasurer c/o The Parish Office

Pat Cripps

Our Parish Administrator

Ginette di Palma

01892 521447

Our Choir Leader

Fiona Johnson

Our Flower Team Leader c/o The Parish Office

Daphne Hodges

Our Safeguarding Officers

May Graves

01892 680274 |

Daphne Pilcher

01892 521691 |

Any problems, worries or concerns do feel free to contact either of us. If we cannot help we will link you up with somebody who can. 


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