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All meetings are held in the Norman Mantle Lodge in the Parish Churchyard. Meetings start at 6pm and finish at 7.30pm.

Pizza and refreshments are always on the agenda.

Thursday 7th December – Ranger Dan

TBD - Celebrating and working with Mount Ephraim House care home.

Xmas Party – Date TBD – Clue Cracker, Tunbridge Wells

Thursday 4th January – Celebrating New Year at Mount Ephraim House

Thursday 1st February – Being Money Smart

Thursday 7th March – Cooking on a budget

Easter – Easter Egg Hunt in Happy Valley


If you would like to contact us or have any questions about any of our future activities, please contact Mrs Culley or Mrs Kerr.

Fund raising is hard work. But customers were really impressed by the car cleaning service. So much so, they would love to see this one return. All in the bee’s cause. We better get lots of honey!  
Learning to cook on a budget. Pasta bake followed by apple pie for dessert. This was so popular it is coming back again in the New Year. Fajitas anyone?


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